Alanna Kaivalya

Yoga teacher, author of The Myths of the Asanas

Alanna Kaivalya

My classes always start with some live music and chanting, and roll into a fun, intelligently sequenced Vinyasa practice. I’m not as interested in physical alignment as I am in aligning with what brings joy, so every class is themed around a fun story or concept in yoga philosophy. It’s my feeling that the music and mythology combine to lay the groundwork for the evolution of not just one’s practice, but of one’s spirit.

I’m hoping that students leave my class with what they need to lift them up and carry them forward in their lives. No matter the student’s age, flexibility or background, if they're willing to take the steps to engage in a consistent yoga practice, then the yoga will do its job to lay the groundwork for internal transformation.

My first spiritual teacher was my grandmother. She taught me that, ‘God is in your heart.’ That's something I’ve carried with me my entire life, and no matter who my teachers are and continue to be, she’s the guiding force behind all of it. I’m also influenced daily by my tiny dog, Roxy—that amount of cuteness on the planet makes it nearly impossible to not believe in the goodness of this universe.


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