Aarona Pichinson

Yoga teacher, founder of Yoga of Nourishment

Aarona Pichinson

My main goal is for students to feel their body. To practice feeling, even in those moments when it's uncomfortable. And how I do this may vary. I can't help but teach what is currently inspiring or challenging me. I'm dedicated to growing, and so I allow the style of my teaching to grow as well. For the students who frequent my classes, we get to ride a rhythm together that is about the freedom to change and expand. They appreciate the challenge and the surprise of each class. And I appreciate their focus and dedication.

Some days I want to flow and dance, others I want to align and go deep, sometimes I want to rock out and play on our hands, and other times I want to end a sweaty flow with a sweet restoration. Breath is also essential in my classes and lately I've really been loving the horizontal and vertical dynamics of breathing deep into the body. I like to change things up - keeping a balance between vigor and grace, the intelligence of sequence at play, and plenty of room for the practitioner to embody themselves on even the stickiest days.


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