My primary goal as a teacher is to offer my students a safe space to listen to themselves. I want my students to feel empowered by their yoga practice. I want them to fully inhabit their bodies and to pursue fearlessly that which is meaningful and true for them.

I generate inspiration for my classes by listening to what my body and my spirit need that day. I often spend my mornings on my mat, creating sequences and observing what feels most organic and alive. New York City has a really vibrant yoga community, and I thrive off of learning from my friends and fellow teachers.

The two things that remain constant about my classes is that they will always be breath-centered and meditative. Sometimes that takes on the form of a pulsing, sweaty and creative vinyasa, while other times the form is a deeper, healing and alignment-based practice. Because what I need is always evolving, I imagine this is true for my students, too.

The most transformative moments for me have always been linked to breath practice. While the physical practice of yoga has the ability to unlock us physically, mentally and emotionally, breath practice has the unique ability to transform our state of mind.  It’s a direct connection to the source, a spiritual window.