Interview: Joy Stone

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alignyo Los Angeles yoga news: Interview with LA yoga teacher Joy Stone
Joy Stone

Joy Stone’s teaching style draws from Yoga Philosophy, Positive Psychology and Anusara Yoga. She translates the Yoga Sutras into palatable tools for helping her students find more, well, joy in everyday living. You can find Joy teaching group classes and Yoga Sutra Sundays at Black Dog Yoga in Sherman Oaks. We asked her 5 questions – see what Speedos and road rage have to do with teaching yoga in LA:

What makes your style of teaching unique? 

That is a good question! I think the main thing that makes my teaching style unique is, me. Simply, because all of us are unique and possess something only we can offer to any situation. So the same is true for teaching. One of the most important elements of my style, and a teaching I bring to every class is the reminder that yoga isn’t only about the hour or so we spend on our mat, it is about finding a way of living that brings us in greater relationship to our innate joy – so we can flourish and thrive.

What's the most frequently asked question you get being a yoga teacher? 

It is actually more of a statement; something like this, “I haven’t been to yoga in a long time and I am not as good as I used to be.” Yoga isn’t something that needs to be measured to a “standard” of good or bad. From my own understanding and experience it is a personal exploration of opening to our own happiness and unblocking places within us that feel stuck. We don’t have to be good at yoga to do that, we just need to be willing and mindful. In my book, if you are doing your best starting from wherever you are on any given day you are practicing yoga.

What's the strangest thing a student of yours did, said or wore in your class? 

A gentleman wore a very tight, very small Speedo – and nothing else.

What's the most yogically incorrect, or stereotypical thing you do as a yoga teacher? 

As a full time Yoga Teacher in LA, I drive A LOT. So getting some serious road frustration is probably up there as one of the most yogically incorrect things I do!

Which profession would your alter ego choose and why? 

Singer! Because I LOVE it! I actually just started taking singing lessons last month so who knows – you may see me in a venue near you.

Who or what inspires your practice and your teaching? 

Life, my students, my teachers, my past, the present and the future I am creating.


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