Annie Carpenter

LA-based yoga teacher Annie Carpenter

Here’s how Annie strives to help you uncover your true nature through yoga:

What makes your style of teaching unique?

My classes are extremely focused on a particular movement principle that we are exploring that day – for example, finding just the right balance between working the abdominals for spinal elongation while moving into a deep backbend. In this way, each student finds her perfect pose for this day, and everyone drops into a deep state of concentration. Having said that, I'd add that I bring a blend of rigorousness and playfulness to the practice.

What do you hope your students leave your class feeling?

A deeper understanding of self and a greater access to dropping into peaceful acceptance, especially when under stress.

Who are your major influences?

Years ago, I built my practice and teaching on the great foundations laid out by many amazing teachers in the Integral, Iyengar and Astanga systems. Satchidananda and Pattabhi Jois are two who come to mind. I also still hear Martha Graham's voice – I was formally a dancer – in my head. In the last decade, it’s been mostly pranayama and meditation teachers, especially Trudy Goodman.

Where do you find inspiration? Any advice for those seeking inspiration?

My students inspire me. I am continuously looking for ways to reach them at a deeper, more honest level. Take time to pause. Whether it’s a formal pause like your daily meditation or pausing in the midst of a really challenging pose or pausing when you're in a big push at work or taking a long walk at the beach, pause. Take a breath or two. Pause. Reflect. Renew. And hit the reset button – you’ll dive back in with awareness and energy.

Experience class with Annie for yourself. From now until April 7th, is offering a free one-hour class with Annie. 


Annie is an amazing, gifted,

Annie is an amazing, gifted, and humble teacher, and we at YogaVibes couldn't be happier to have her as a partner. We know you'll love Annie's class so much, you'll be looking for more, so take a look at the other classes she's filmed, and check back often for more!

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