Yoga Instructor, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, Co-Active Coach

The philosophy I weave into all of my teaching is: live light, because everything is already okay. That’s the foundation of peace I help my students find for themselves. The asana flows are deliberately designed to force students to recognize that the brain is part of the body and that physical temperament plays a much larger role in all of our thought processes, personal and business relationships, and other mental operations that we typically view as distinct from the body. Whether on a yoga retreat, in a private class or in a studio, the classes provide a platform for you to find the clarity and purpose that already exists in your life and which is often so obvious that it becomes all too easy to overlook.

My favorite postures to practice and teach are inversions and arm balances. These postures require much more mental flexibility and strength. Fear is the emotion most often ignited for students when exploring these postures, and I like to open their minds up to the possibility of being easy and light in these postures. Releasing the mental fears – allowing the body to be light by creating a stillness in the mind – is the exact perspective we must achieve to confront the challenges of our personal and business lives with authenticity and peace.

I hope students leave my class with a feeling of mental lightness and clarity along with physical openness. I want them becoming conscious of parts of the body they previously didn’t even realize existed. I want them to understand that yoga practice is multi-faceted – that yoga is a lifestyle, not just a series of postures. The post-yoga class bliss can be extended into our lives even beyond that one-hour glowing period after class; it is just a matter of making the conscious choice to take what is learned in class out into the real world, bringing that lightness to all parts of their lives. A big part of that is trusting in yourself and in your own potential, which is why my classes push the physical limits and focus so heavily on inversions and more difficult poses. 

(Ed. NOTE: Liza is also known for her yoga retreats. A knitting fanatic, she has created the annual Yoga + Yarn retreat at Good Commons in Vermont. Liza says this long weekend retreat “offers people a chance to unwind, explore knitting, yoga, massage, delicious foods, and more.” )