Jenny Brill (E-RYT 500; RYT 500) is the most down-to-earth, belly laugh-inducing yoga teacher we have ever met. Her alignment-inspired classes have graced the LA yoga scene for 18 years, and she currently teaches at Yoga Blend, Still Yoga, YOGA NoHo, and is part of the teacher training team at Black Dog Yoga. Want to laugh your asana off? Read our Q&A with her:

What makes your style of teaching unique?

My style is unique because I’m unique. I bring my personality to every class. I’m a stickler for alignment and I think yoga should be fun. If you’re not having fun, and you’re not becoming a kinder, more patient, more loving person, yoga’s not working for you.

What’s the most frequently asked question you get being a yoga teacher?

“Can I still do yoga even if I am not flexible?”

What’s the strangest thing a student of yours did, said or wore in your class?

Someone fell asleep in a headstand. Also, men wearing loose short shorts – I’ve seen more balls than Dodger stadium. Something funny happens every time I teach. 

What’s the most yogically incorrect, or stereotypical thing you do as a yoga teacher?

Incorrect: I eat meat and I swear in class.

Correct: I also drink one kombucha a day, and I love a good kirtan.

Which profession would your alter ego choose and why?

Standup comedian, isn’t it obvious?

Who or what inspires your practice and your teaching?

My students. Watching them grow, watching them change. All my classes are communities, little communities within the yoga community and everyone becomes friends, they support each other. That’s inspiring.