Owner & Founder, Studio Anya

In both shadow and light, I seek out the influence of the world around me in search of living sutras – pointers to truth that thread the day-to-day details into patterns that best reflect my essential vision. These subtle signposts may come in the form of a gentle breeze, the texture of the sky, a message from a friend, scents in the air or words I come across in my daily pursuits. Carl Jung called this synchronicity, or the study of meaningful coincidences. In this light, I consider synchronicity – or what I know as grace – to be a most sacred and profound teacher. And as her devoted student, I label – Listen Attentively Bow Each Lesson – every story as a theme to be explored. This intuitive inquiry has taken the shape of a philosophy of movement based in living the questions and taking in the themes embodied by the details.

If wisdom begins in wonder (Socrates) and intuition is the only real valuable thing (Einstein), I hope students leave class at Studio Anya feeling inspired to discover the world within with an ever widening perceptual lens. In many ways, the practice of mind/body fitness uncovers pathways yet to be seen – as if illuminating the inner elements waiting to be discovered. This process of unfolding reminds me of how Eleanor Roosevelt talked about the importance of curiosity: “I think, at a child’s birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift should be curiosity.” Simply stated, I hope students leave Studio Anya feeling curious.

In a city that engenders distraction, it’s important to actualize moments of heightened interest when they arrive. By creating a cozy space for reflection and relaxation, students feel welcome to peruse [Studio Anya’s] AUM library filled with stacks of books written by sages of all sorts from Ida Rolf to the Bronte Sisters and Muhammad Ali to William Blake. If Michelangelo could say towards the end of his life, “I am still learning,” then surely we all have room to grow. At Studio Anya, our commitment to weaving wisdom is uniquely expressed as a mind and body curriculum, and everything we offer, from our classes to our selection of teas, is a reflection of this process.

Website:  http://www.studioanya.com/