Creator of Caponyasa

Caponyasa is a fusion of Capoeira technique and elements of modern dance. The class is primarily in a vinyasa yoga based form. I have always believed and still do believe that the best things in life come without much force or trying too hard and that’s exactly how I created Caponyasa. Caponyasa was created from highlights of my life up till now – a little yoga, a little Capoeira, a little dance, and a lot of love. Anything that is created so seamlessly from the heart will always be special and unique.

I have always been physical and active. I started with martial arts, then years later became a runner, found yoga soon after, and then dance and Capoeira. All of these arts, disciplines, and practices have influenced and inspired me to keep evolving and growing with my body in a physical way and mentally, opening me up to new challenges and to keep seeing just how amazing and resilient the body is and can continue to be.

My biggest inspiration by far is my parents. I love my parents with all my heart. They have always encouraged me to push myself and to find my true passions in life. Despite not always seeing eye to eye, they have always been my biggest supporters. They taught me so much about unconditional love, kindness, respect, loyalty, integrity and honor. They continue to be my two greatest teachers.