Test the waters

Foodtrainers' Carolyn Brown
Foodtrainers' Carolyn Brown

"In nine out of ten yoga classes you'll hear about spinal twists 'wringing out the toxins.' But what good is all this detoxifying if you're not flushing it out of your system? Hydration is an essential part of the equation. Our bodies are upwards of 80% water, so whether you're a water chugger or a disguiser of that 'water flavor' there is nothing more important for your health, sleep, appetite and irritability (or your laundry list of hypochondriac symptoms) than good ol’ H2O." Since not all water is created equal, nutrition expert, Carolyn Brown, of Foodtrainers shares her faves.  

Waters can vary exponentially in mineral content, texture and flavor, so Carolyn recommends three of her favorite brands:

(Alka)line dance

"One of the highest quality waters on the block, Mountain Valley Spring Water has a naturally higher pH (it’s more alkaline) than most waters and has naturally occurring minerals like calcium carbonate, iron and manganese. Flavor-wise, MVSW has won “Best Tasting Non-Carbonated Bottled Water in the World” – twice. Bet ya didn’t even know that award existed."

Take a hint

"If you need a little zip to plain water, Hint is a good option. It's lightly infused with fruit flavors like watermelon, blackberry and kiwi, yet there is nothing artificial or sweetened here and it stays calorie-free."

Don't panic, it's organic

"If fruit infused water isn’t hitting the spot, how about herbal water? Ayala’s Herbal Water line is one of my favorites; they use organic herbal extracts like lemongrass, verbena, lavender, ginger and mint to give still and sparkling water an exotic zing.

NOTE: Of course hopefully you are BYO-ing most of the time, so you better invest in a cool BPA-free water bottle you actually like carrying. At Foodtrainers we carry Takeya and bkr bottles, but in case you’re a spaz (an endearing term) and tend to misplace/break those pricey bottles, a $2.99 glass VOSS bottle lasts forever too."


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