Top Healthy Tips for Holiday Eating

Holiday eating survival guide
Holiday eating survival guide

If your intentions of not overindulging and gaining weight during the holiday season go out the window as soon as you get that first holiday party e-vite, you’re not alone. According to nutritionist Christa Orecchio, the average American gains 7-9 pounds between Halloween and the New Year. But you don’t have to be another statistic. Follow Christa’s Holiday Eating Survival Guide tips to maximize enjoyment while minimizing damage.

How to party on without packing on the pounds:

Prepare with protein

Eat a protein-packed snack before going to holiday parties. Try eating an apple with small handful of raw almonds or an 8-ounce container of full-fat plain yogurt beforehand to keep you satiated and less likely to ravage a table of tempting desserts.

Be present

Consciously make one plate of the foods you really want. Eat it slowly--enjoying and savoring every tasty bite. Then, when you’re finished, pop a mint or stick of gum in your mouth, get a tall glass of room temp water and sip on it throughout the night. This will send a signal to your body that you have finished eating.

Think before you drink

Alcohol is high in empty, acidic calories. Liquors, sweet wines and sweet mixed drinks contain 150-450 calories per glass. If you choose to drink, select drinks with lower calories/carbs like red wine or spirits mixed with soda water and lime. Limit your intake to 1 or 2 alcoholic drinks per occasion. And, watch out for calories in soda, fruit punch, and egg nog as well.


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