Organic coffee blends to Jump-start your practice

Jump-start your practice
Jump-start your practice
by Liz Eustace

Mornings always arrive way too soon, no? So when you need more than a little push to get your asana on your mat, indulge in some organic coffee. Coffee beans are a great source of the antioxidant polyphenols (also found in chocolate and red wine), and if you take your coffee with milk, you’ll get the added boost of bone-strengthening calcium to help you hold your headstand.

Try one or all three of these organic coffee blends grown and ground with love:

Intelligentsia quotient

Intelligentsia, a Chicago-based, direct trade coffee company works closely with growers from Rwanda to Costa Rica growing sustainable coffee that pays 25% higher than the fair trade price. If you don’t live near one of their locations in the Windy City, LA or NYC, check out their home delivery subscription service

A flavor that stumps us

Fair trade and direct trade coffee from, Stumptown Coffee, this Portland-based company comes from farms in Latin America, Indonesia and Africa. With descriptions like berry, merlot (yes, merlot) and orchid, their flavors can convert even non-java jivers. While most of their shops are in Portland and Seattle, all of their coffees are available through their website

The beast, er best of the beans

Micro-roaster, Gorilla Coffee, works with farmers in exotic locals like Sumatra and Bali to bring fair trade organic coffee to their shop in Brooklyn. They roast daily in small batches to ensure peak freshness. Bags of their beans can be purchased from their website or at select Whole Foods.

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