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by Liz Eustace

Green juice isn't just for summer. Fall is a great time to pick up a green juice and green smoothie habit to boost immunity, increase energy and maintain a healthy weight during the holiday season. We created the perfect Fall Guide to Juicing for everything you need to get started: recipes you'll crave, products you'll love, how to "warm up" your drinks and much more. Get ready for a healthy fall and an energized winter. Download your free guide to fall juicing now.

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Fall Guide to Juicing

Your article mentions that the Fall Guide to Juicing would include information on how to "warm up" your drinks. Did I miss this somewhere in the guide or was it not included? This was the main topic that I was interested in learning about because I have a hard time drinking my smoothies in the winter when the weather is so cold and the smoothies are too! How can I "warm up" my smoothie?

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