Kombucha: Reasons to love the extraordinary elixir

The healthy benefits of kombucha
Extraordinary elixir

We've been enamored (okay, obsessed) with kombucha for quite some time, so we're always willing to sing the praises of the black-tea-based libation. But thanks to two recent studies that support the healthy claims kombucha fans have believed for years, there are even more reason to raise a glass of the fermented drink. Whether you prefer to buy it bottled or make your own, there's no wrong way to enjoy this special brew. Cheers!

Three reasons to toast this wonder tea:

Daily detoxifier

High in antioxidants that boost the immune system, researchers at India's Jadavpur University discovered kombucha’s liver detoxifying properties, while other studies are still connecting the dots to the brew’s ability to destroy free radicals associated with cancer. Plus, this superdrink is a natural alkalizer, helping you to maintain inner pH levels, harmonizing your body from the inside out to keep you in peak performance mode.

Tummy tamer

A natural probiotic, the  “friendly” bacteria found in kombucha plays a distinct role in improving digestion, keeping things moving throughout the digestive tract and alleviating constipation. While diminishing irritable tummies, a new study found in the June 2012 issue of the Swiss Society of Food Science and Technology claims that it also increases metabolism rates while elevating energy levels, and has even been linked with its ability to heal ulcers as well as candida and yeast infections.

Cure-all cocktail

Experiencing body aches or pains after yoga? The fermented drink is said to work as a cure-all for physical ailments as well. Helping to rebuild connective tissue and aid in healthy cell regeneration, kombucha works as a preventative measure and treatment for arthritis, and has been known to relieve headaches and migraines if Plow Pose or Headstand brought too much blood rushing to your noggin.



My mother used to grow a KOMBUCHA that she got from a neighbor, but after a few months she discard it because of the work involved in cultivate it. It´s alike grow an alive youghurt bacteria. I was too Young to appreciate this KOMBUCHA drink and the look of it, but if now is already bottled i´m going to try it.

Kombucha question

Can you culture it using coconut sugar if you don't do raw cane sugar?

The best commercial brand

The best commercial brand I've tasted is High Country. It's the only one that isn't too sweet, IMO. Health and peace.

making at home

It's actually quite easy to make at home, and will save money as the store brands can be expensive and if you live far from anywhere that carries it, you're out of luck. Really, all you need is a starter culture, some black and green tea (loose is best), sugar, water, and a container. You can buy a culture online (it's called a SCOBY) or even grow a starter culture by saving a bit of bottled kombucha (it will have the culture microbes in it), prepping the tea & sugar mixture, and pouring in the maybe 1/4 or 1/2 cup of bottled kombucha, and putting your container in a dark spot for a couple of weeks.
I always have a batch brewing and it's still a work in progress- some come out great, some less great, but I can adjust and experiment, add fruit juice, etc.

Kombucha @ Whole Foods

Yes, Whole Foods carries it. If you buy a case of 12, you get a 10% discount off. GT's Synergy is the most popular brand, and they have a wide variety of flavors. I am addicted to Kombucha!!!

i've been drinking 16 fl oz

i've been drinking 16 fl oz of gt's kombucha for the past two months religiously everyday...i feel the benefits. i dont care what studies may come up saying it is bad, i am living proof it is definitely not...this is a feel good drink and i encourage everyone to try it! =]

Where to get?

Where can one find this awesome elixir, would whole foods carry it?

Yes, Whole Foods carries

Yes, Whole Foods carries this. If you buy a case of 12, you get a 10% discount off of your purchase. GT's in the most popular brand, and they have a wide variety of flavors. I am addicted to Kombucha!!


We need to start drinking this like the Coffey's do................

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