Doing yoga today? Eat like this.

Doing yoga today? Eat like this - get nourished

Not sure what to eat before or after yoga? Check out these tips from alignyo fave Latham Thomas.

Fueling up for yoga is a fine balance, pun intended. We’re not sure what’s worse – feeling light-headed on the mat because we didn’t eat enough or doing inversions on a full stomach. So that’s why we asked nutrition whiz and holistic health counselor Latham Thomas for some practical tips on how to choose foods that will energize you before your practice and ready your body for repair after savasana.

Eat like this before and after your next yoga practice. Did you notice a difference?

Five hours before you unroll

Carbohydrates are the fuel of choice for workouts, so your body requires pre-yoga carbs to power your practice. You’ll want to fill up on complex carbohydrates. Pass the pasta, please: There are many ways to get your noodle on, but it’s not the only game in town. Quinoa, brown rice or bulger will also do the trick. Quinoa actually performs double duty – it provides a kick of carbs and protein.

One hour prior to practice

You want a snack that will keep your energy level up, but you also need to choose foods that digest quickly. Fruit is your friend: Apples, pears, blueberries and bananas are at the top of our list. The natural sugar in fruit will keep your blood sugar elevated. You’ll feel satisfied, but not stuffed.

Soon after savasana

Once your practice is over, your body will immediately begin to use protein for strengthening tissue and repair. Your quick fix: Once you’ve rolled up your mat, reach for a protein bar. One of Latham’s faves: Lara bars. With only two key ingredients (fruit and nuts), these bars are 100% raw and gluten-free – they also come in creative flavors like chocolate chip cherry torte and pecan pie.

When the sweat has dried

You’ll want to eat foods that continue to help you quickly replace the energy you lost while practicing. You’ll also want to reach for water – be sure to hydrate yourself after class. Time to chow: Dine on a lean protein from a vegetable source and complex carbs. Tempeh, tofu, beans, quinoa, fish or egg whites paired with any combination of broccoli, sweet potato or kale will give your body – and your belly – exactly what it needs.


What to eat!

Not sure if this will work for you but I do all early classes and I find it works great for me. Before class I drink one cup of a green smoothie-this consists of a blend of a handfull of frozen spinach(it keeps longer that way),a handfull of kale, 1/4 cup frozen fruit, 1/4 cup non sweetened yogurt, 1 full banana, and 1 to 2 cups of unsweetened soy milk with water(enough to fill the blender). I do not add sugar of any kind. Sometimes I add a few teaspoons of pumpkin seed protein and cocunut oil if I have it on hand. Most times I have enough left over to drink after class as well when I get home. As for during class I drink a mixture of homemade lemon infused water, ginger water(which I boil myself to get the liquid) and add some coconut water to make a bottle full. The taste may take a little bit to get use to but it has really served me well.

Early Class?

What would one suggest if your class is at 5:30AM? Dinner the night before is usually around 6PM. I feel fine during my practice on an empty stomach that early. I do chow down on a banana, oatmeal, and coffee afterwards.


Very informative, I will use this to balance out my pre practice meals more.


great to know. And just in time for my summer classes!

Great to Know

Thanks for the info! Especially about the protein bars after yoga. (My favorites are Lara and 18 Rabbits!)


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