Have you ever seen someone bring a to-go cup of coffee into an early morning yoga class and set it down next to their mat? Are YOU that yogi? Some yogis drink coffee before yoga and many people do it to gear up for a workout, but is it a good idea? 

The good 

Many trainers and nutritionists actually recommend coffee before a sweat session. Numerous studies have been released over the past few years that indicate that caffeine makes exercise less strenuous; after drinking a little coffee, your muscles are able to work more efficiently. In addition, despite that coffee is famous for dehydrating, many fitness professionals now believe that you would have to drink a TON of coffee (think even more than a Venti) to do damage in the dehydration department.  And if you do drink coffee, we do the high-performance ritual of Bullet Coffee – we’ve found that it doesn’t give us the ‘ups’ and the ‘downs’ of drinking your standard brew.

The bad 

Do you consistently hit up the cafe down the street from your studio before class? Sure, it makes for a fun morning with your yogi bestie, but a cup of coffee before yoga (and often a sugary pastry to accompany it) does little to prepare your body for an hour of sweating. That one cup of coffee may not dehydrate you as much as people say it does, but it also isn’t the best choice to hydrate your body for the class ahead. You may want to replace your cafe stop before yoga with a stop at the local juice bar. 

Coffee may also hinder your practice depending on how sensitive you are to it. Coffee is acidic and can cause acid reflux symptoms for some people once they start bending and twisting. This is not a good feeling to get during class! 

The choice 

It all comes down to what feels right for you in your body. Some yogis do not drink coffee at all, while others zip into Starbucks daily. We want to know – what’s your take? Do you drink coffee before yoga?