Any promotion of yoga is good promotion but we're conflicted about Elle's The "Best" Yogis on Intragram... there are a lot of bikini clad pretzels, 'best' bodies and a ton of shots of women, legs wide open and upside down... I get the medium and appreciate the beauty it brings to a subject... But again, conflicted... thoughts?


The Best Yogis on Instagram
24 reasons to unroll your sticky mat.
This isn't a surprise!

N.H.L. Goalies Need Their Alone Time, er, Stretching Routines
Goalies seem to stretch a lot, and the reason, they say, is not only for flexibility and muscle care, but also to mentally prepare and sharpen awareness.
Hello there alignyo community! Are you an Acro Yogi in the Greenwich CT? We're looking for a little help THIS weekend with outreach. Interested? Email us at: liz@alignyo.com

Really The Honest Company Jessica Alba? I ordered 2 x 3 oz sunscreen and this is the packaging? I love your ethos but I thought I was receiving a new laptop - instead of these two tiny sunscreens? What gives?

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OK, a BUNCH of you shared this one with me today. (Can't help but think that's a good sign.) And by all means, check out the geniuses who invented this! www.facebook.com/namascray<http://www.facebook.com/namascray> www.namascray.com<http://www.namascray.com> :) ONWARD, LG — with Marlin Alvarez and 28 others.
Work at the amazing company W3LL PEOPLE - an awesome opportunity!!!

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Our beauty is growing! We are currently seeking energetic, qualified candidates for an Austin Studio Retail Manager position. Requirements include: sales goal setting, sales tracking, revenue reporting, inventory management, product procurement, staff scheduling, staff management and superlative customer service. Self-motivation, strong organizational skills and positive attitude are a must. Qualified candidates with at least two years in a retail management role only please. Email resume to: careers@w3llpeople.com.
Getting ready for the warm weather - try these 5 foods to detox: http://www.alignyo.com/blog/5-great-spring-detox-foods

Five Smoothie recipes to try right now! Great for either before or after #yoga: http://www.alignyo.com/the-goods/5-smoothie-recipes-to-try-now

Harnessing the Potential of Beginner’s Mind - Sonima
The Zen concept of “beginner’s mind” has become important across fields and practices for its ability to maximize possibility, success, and awareness.
Thanks Beyond Mom Community - inspired by the work that you do and honored to be included in your community!

Liz Eustace - Randi Zinn
Liz Eustace is a passionate yogi who wants every person in America to get onto a yoga mat and try the practice. As the founder of alignyo, Liz is the person that...