What’s Hot by Katie Librie

Yoga is powerful and anyone who practices knows firsthand the kind of changes it awakens physically, mentally and spiritually within. You may find your practice has infiltrated your way of living in the choices you make from where you shop to what you eat. With 20 million strong, yogis are a huge population with a strong voice. Become a part of shaping your community on a local and global level by supporting YogaVotes, a non-partisan organization committed to getting yogi’s to the polls this November.

About the Author

Katie Librie

Past: cubicle hostage

Present: yogi, writer, observer, fitness fan, joy artist and educator at Lululemon

Inspiration: my mom and sister, trikonasana or any good juicy hip openers, seeing elderly couples holding hands, running in Central Park, being at the beach. So seeing elderly couples holding hands at Central Park or the beach is like inspiration overload.



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