Yogastrology: A new way to look at your health & your yoga practice

Yogastrology book review via alignyo
Get a copy of Diane Booth Gilliam's Yogastrology book today.

When we first heard about Diane Booth Gilliam’s new book, Yogastrology, we were instantly intrigued. We thought it’d simply be a book full of poses that are good for certain sun signs (i.e., Cancers should do heart opening poses), but it’s so much more.

Not only does this book share asanas that are ideal for each sign, each chapter includes a lesson on the characteristics and aspects for each zodiac sign as well as exercises, healing mantras and affirmations.

Yogastrology is also full of personal wellness stories and tips from celebrity yoga teachers, including Elena Brower, Kathryn Budig, David Romanelli, Tiffany Cruishank and Faith Hunter

At just 108 pages, it’s an easy read that gives you all the need-to-know info on how your zodiac sign affects your life and your yoga practice. There’s also an accompanying DVD that we highly suggest you get in addition to the book. Both make a great (and affordable) gift for your astrology-curious pals, too.

Get the Yogastrology book and DVD at Amazon. Check out the Yogastrology website here



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