Yoga guru Swami Ramdev detained at airport in England

alignyo yoga news: Why was yoga swami ramdev detained at Heathrow airport?
Swami Ramdev
Photo: Yahoo News
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Why was Swami Ramdev, the wildly popular and successful Indian guru, recently detained at London’s Heathrow airport for six hours? 

According to Yahoo News, Ramdev was detained for questioning as to why he was traveling on a visitor’s visa instead of a business visa. There were also reports that he was “carrying medicines," but his people shut that down, saying he was only traveling with a small bag of personal items. 

Ramdev traveled to London on his way to Scotland (he owns a private island off the coast of the country) to lead a free yoga class organized by his company, Patanjali Yogpeeth, one of the larget yoga empires in India.

For those of you who don’t know, Ramdev is a huge yoga guru in his native country (he even has his own TV show), known for combining spirituality and activism with yoga. He's also controversially been quoted as saying that his yoga can cure cancer, HIV and homosexuality.

Read more about Ramdev and this incident over at Yahoo News.


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