Yoga for the blind computer program being developed

University of Washington develops yoga for the blind software
The new software program uses geometry to help blind yogis improve their form.
Photo: Phys.Org

This is super cool news. The University of Washington has developed a yoga for the blind computer program. Using Microsoft Kinect software (and here we thought it was just good for epic Dance Central battles), the program watches a user’s movement and using geometry, gives verbal feedback on how to accurately get into a yoga pose. 

The program, called Eyes-Free Yoga, can currently give real-time feedback for six yoga poses, including Tree Pose, Chair, Warrior I and Warrior II. The computer scientists work with yoga teachers to develop the games verbal commands for each pose to ensure that users are getting safe and accurate feedback. quoted project lead Kyle Rector about why he developed the "exer-game" program: "My hope for this technology is for people who are blind or low-vision to be able to try it out, and help give a basic understanding of yoga in a more comfortable setting.”

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