Yoga for runners: Try this 15-minute post-run yoga sequence

Yoga for runners post run yoga sequence from Breathe Repeat.
Take 15 minutes to stretch out your muscles after your next run.
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Whether you love the feel of a brisk fall run or you’ve moved your cardio efforts indoors to the treadmill, this yoga for runners sequence from our friends at Breathe Repeat will help keep you flexible and injury-free. This post-run yoga sequence is approved by Rodney Yee (he directed the photo shoot, which took place at his house in Sag Harbor) and only takes about 15 minutes, so make time to do this after your next run. 

As an avid yogi and runner, people often ask me if it’s better to do yoga before or after a run.

There’s actually little research to support the notion that stretching before a run prevents injuries. That said, I personally run so much more efficiently (and I enjoy my runs so much more) when I’ve given myself a little yoga warm-up (cat/cow anyone?). There is, however, lots of research that suggests that stretching after a workout is vital. Lengthening your muscles keeps them from tightening up. Makes sense, right?

So here’s a quick, post-run yoga sequence I crafted for myself and my runner students to keep our hips, hamstrings and Achilles pliant, resilient and happy!

Oh! And don’t tell me you don’t have time to run and do yoga! This will only take you about 15 minutes.  Come on! Lengthening the muscles is important. As is conscious breathing. Trust me. I’m an injury-free, running yogi.

See the post-run yoga sequence here.

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