Yoga for Men: What You Need & Why You Need It

brock cahill
Brock Cahill in Handstand
Yoga News by YogaEarth

Our mission at alignyo is to make yoga fun and accessible for everybody so we stoked to see our friends over at YogaEarth publish such a great article on 'yoga for men, what you need and why you need it'. Guest writer, Carolyn Fallon provides some great insights on why for guys - there are no more excuses.

"True fitness consists of four parts: strength, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, and body composition. For men of all ages a yoga practice can improve... read more.

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YogaEarth is a company that offers the world’s finest products for optimal health and sustainable living. Their community of health-conscious consumers and ambassadors come together online and in the world to curate, design, and share new products that embody the best in nutrition, yoga, and eco-design.



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