Yoga for beginners: 5 tips for your first yoga class

Yoga for beginners tips for a great first yoga class
Make your first few yoga classes enjoyable with these tips.
General by Liz Eustace

New to yoga and thinking of signing up for a yoga for beginners class? Good for you! Yoga should be about non-judgment, honoring your body and clearing your mind, but if you’re new to yoga, fearing a class full of spandex clad stretchy people is understandable. But trust us, the benefits of yoga far outweigh the fear of the unknown. Below, we share our favorite yoga for beginners tips. Follow these five tips to make your first yoga class a joy.

Choose the right class

If you’re brand new to yoga, look for a yoga for beginners or intro to yoga class. Oftentimes, studio descriptions may say classes are appropriate for all levels, but if you don’t know what a Sun Salutation is or you’re not sure how to do a proper Downward Dog, you’ll quickly get lost and frustrated. If you aren’t sure, call your local yoga studio and see what type of classes they suggest for a complete beginner.

Get there early

Once you’ve found the right yoga for beginner’s class, be sure to get there early. Most studios suggest new students arrive 15 minutes early to get a tour of the studio and fill out any necessary paperwork. Be in the studio with enough time before class to feel comfortable and settled.

Talk to your yoga teacher

Yoga teachers love to meet new students, that’s part of the reason they’re teaching! Make a point to introduce yourself to the instructor and tell them about your yoga background and if you have any injuries. That way, the teacher can suggest pose modifications to make your first experience more enjoyable and safe.

Look around…but don’t judge

Yoga is a very personal practice. Just think: you’re in a room full of people with different body types, health histories and experience with yoga. What one person does on the mat next to you may not suit your body. Still, if you’re lost in your first few classes, it’s okay to sneak a look at the person on the mat next to you – just so you can get an idea of what pose you should be doing. Try not to compare what they’re doing to what you can or cannot do. It simply doesn’t serve you.


As always, just have fun! You made it to class, let yourself take in all the powerful benefits of a yoga practice without pressure. Don’t try to get into a pose you’re not ready for. Things take time and if you push it too far in your first yoga class, you could hurt yourself. Remember, you should feel your muscles working (maybe even shaking in some poses), but there should never be any sharp pains in a yoga practice. Listen to your body, follow your breath and don’t be too hard on yourself.

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