Yoga at the Golden Globes

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler at the Golden Globes
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler
Anne Hathaway does yoga as part of her fitness routine
Anne Hathaway leaving yoga
photo: Just Jared
Golden Globe nominee Julianne Moore does yoga
Julianne Moore
photo: Debby Wong
Tina Fey stays fit with the help of yoga teacher Kristin McGee
Tina Fey
photo: Helga Esteb
Hot off the mat

It’s no big secret that celebrities love yoga to help them stay trim, slim and centered. As the week to look particularly great ramped up (hello, Golden Globes), many were out looking for their inner glow AND inner peace as envelopes were opened. We've got the inside scope and round-up of those who used yoga as their guide. 

And the award for yoga before the Golden Globes goes to:

Anne Hathaway

Best supporting actress winner Anne Hathaway may have had to go on a drastic diet to lose weight for her role as Fantine in "Les Mis," but when she’s back to her regular healthy routine, Anne includes Bikram yoga classes as part of her workout regime. Find out more about Anne’s fit philosophy here.

Julianne Moore

We’re sure after getting the news of her nomination, Julianne Moore had an inspired yoga practice. "I'm in a van on my way to Queens to do 30 Rock. I heard the news this morning right before yoga," Julianne Moore, nominated for her lead role as Sarah Palin in HBO's "Game Changer," told the Associated Press. "I was just about to shut off my phone. Unfortunately, I knew the nominations were being announced, so I was worried."

Tina Fey

Golden Globes host Tina Fey looked great last night and she has alignyo favorite Kristin McGee to thank for that. McGee is Tina Fey’s personal yoga teacher. The two started working together while Tina was filming "Date Night" and Kristin has been quoted saying that Tina likes vinyasa-style flows and balancing poses like Tree.  


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