Yoga and… time to share

alignyo wants to know what bins eades to the mat
Why do you love yoga?

It’s time for your close-up alignyo readers. Tell us what yoga means to you and how you found the practice. We’re short (well, actually tall and short, from 5’1” to almost 6 feet!) over here – 150-200 words tops. We’ll publish the most inspiring stories with your picture here on our blog and on Facebook, where we have close to 200,000 fans. We want to hear from you about what yoga means to you. Comment below or email us here and let us know.


Yoga Gave me back my body

About six short months ago I made a commitment to a daily practice of Yoga. I was 58, couldn't bend over, couldn't twist my torso around, my hips were rigid and I was still 10lbs overweight (having lost 20lbs at this point already all in the middle). The only problem was the weight loss was great but the body was still stiff and old.
I had started a weekly class and found that after about six weeks things started to loosen up so I wondered what would doing Yoga daily do for me. I am still amazed as are my friends who see me now toned, flexible and full of high energy I am. It's as if time has reversed itself and I am in the body of a much younger woman. Even though I have only been on the mat daily for six months I am looking forward to a lifetime of practice as even more than the body benefits the Mat gives me a place to leave my stress behind. Stress ages us as we all know, maybe that is the true secret to Yoga.

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