(Y)into It

Yin Yoga - Go Deep!
Yoga on bolsters
Style by Katie Librie

Yin Yoga is the quiet hero, the nice guy, the comfortable shoe your mother said to pack on vacation even though you didn’t want to. In other words, it’s exactly what you need when you didn’t even know you needed it. 

With the assistance of bolsters, blankets and blocks Yin Yoga allows your body to move deeply into poses to increase your flexibility. But what is even more satisfying about Yin Yoga is the release – slow even breathing, focused intentions and letting go over and over again.

Good-bye tight hip flexors and hello refreshed and relaxed you. 

Here's one class in NYC that we love - find a class near you.


About the Author

Katie Librie

Past: cubicle hostage

Present: yogi, writer, observer, fitness fan, joy artist and educator at Lululemon

Inspiration: my mom and sister, trikonasana or any good juicy hip openers, seeing elderly couples holding hands, running in Central Park, being at the beach. So seeing elderly couples holding hands at Central Park or the beach is like inspiration overload.



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