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Chicago: Don't miss Ashley Turner at Moksha Yoga

Local Workshops by Maya Henderson

I had the pleasure of taking Ashley Turner's Urban Priestess workshop when she stopped into Chicago's Moksha Yoga last year and let me tell you, it’s something special.

Be a sleeping beauty

Local Workshops by Katie Librie

Getting enough sleep plays a huge role in creating a healthy, balanced life.  However for many of us falling asleep, or staying asleep, may be harder than counting sheep backwards…by twos…in Spanish.  Don’t despair, there is hope to peacefully catch your zzz’s.  Rather than reach for the Ambien, we can learn how to naturally relax our mind and body through movement, breath work and visualization.

Yoga for marathon runners

Local Workshops by Katie Librie

Love to run? Training for the marathon? Keep it safe and prevent injuries by taking a yoga class that targets the areas of the body where running takes its toll, like the hip flexors, hamstrings and IT bands.

Check out that view

Local Workshops by Katie Librie

When you look at things the way you always have, you get more of what you’ve already seen. For a new perspective, go upside down.

Inversions have tremendous positive effects on your mind and body, not to mention how completely kick ass you’ll feel rocking handstands like you’re Gabby Douglas. Some benefits to your body include a delivery of fresh blood to your heart and head, improved immune system, and back pain relief. Inversions may also improve sleep problems and ease anxiety.

Love to run? Get with this Program

Local Workshops by Amy Gartenberg
Finally, you don’t have to choose between being a yogi or a runner. At YAS Fitness Studios in Venice, Silverlake, Downtown LA, and East Coast Mesa, you can have it all. YAS founder, Kimberly Fowler, has created a program that embraces those super tight muscles that many athletes carry around. Celebrate touching your toes in these “no om zone” studios. If you’re considering running the LA Marathon this spring, join the LA Roadrunners, the official training group.