Why you should never skip savasana

Why you should never skip savasana in yoga - benefits of savasana
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Never skip savasana!

You've almost come to the end of a wildly challenging 60-minute yoga class. You're on your back in supine twist, ready to let go. The music softens, the lights dim, and your teacher's voice lowers. Then suddenly... the woman next to you rises and rolls up her mat. What is she rushing off to? How could she possibly miss out on delicious savasana? 

Savasana is the most important posture of your practice. For many new practitioners, savasana can be the most difficult pose to master and the most intimidating posture to hold because it requires you to simply be. You're not maintaining a lunge, you're not drawing in your core, and you're not balancing. You do nothing but relax and absorb the benefits of your practice, and stillness can feel nearly impossible for some of us. 

Savasana boosts mood and relieves stress and anxiety, but it also has just as many physical benefits. This posture reduces headache and squashes fatigue. It can also lower blood pressure and cure insomnia. Even though in most classes you are only in this pose for a few minutes, savasana is often as refreshing and rejuvenating as a night of sleep. 

Think of savasana as your reward for a focused, strong practice. It requires just as much focus and strength to let it all go as it does to hold on. Challenge yourself to stay during the entire yoga class, including savasana, to really reap the benefits of all your hard work. Even if your mind wanders the whole time, savasana is still worth it.

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