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Oat Milk - the new dairy alternative
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It's true, we like to be on the look-out for the next health trend and it has to map on to us feeling better.  Oat milk becoming all the rage in cities like LA and NYC feels like a trend we can get behind. Before gluten and carbs were considered the modern-day devil -- a nice bowl of oats was one of the most wholesome images out there. Now, it would appear that we're full circle -- and oats are here again, this time as a milk alternative in things like your coffee and yes, your cereal... if you're still daring to eat such a thing. 

From Well and Good: 


"The demand for oat milk has become so massive that market leader Oatly has upped its production by 1,250 percent just to meet it—including building a new factory to do so.

Lee Zheng, who owns Saltwater Coffee in New York City, sees the demand for oat milk firsthand, saying it’s now even more popular than (gasp!) almond. “It doesn’t have the nutty taste the other alternatives, like almond or macadamia, do, and it’s creamy and steams quite well compared to [dairy] milk, which is an added bonus as not all alternate milks do well being frothed,” she says.

Quaker, owned by PepsiCo, is also coming out with an oat milk next year. “The dairy alternative beverages space is growing rapidly, as 60 percent of the US population is reducing their consumption of animal products and 60 percent of US adults also drink non-dairy milk,” says Brian Hannigan, senior marketing director of innovation strategy for PepsiCo North America Nutrition. And the decision to launch a Quaker-branded oat milk only came after extensive research into what consumers are looking for in this space, according to Hannigan."

Anything that reduces our reliance on furry friends to be 'our source for'... I'm behind... for our future and for our planet. Running off for a coffee... and you guessed it, with a little bit of oat milk. 

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