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essential oils
keeping it smelling and feeling sweet
General by Katie Librie

After a 90-minute sweatfest in a power vinyasa class, the only thing more refreshing than that first cool breeze when the teacher cracks the studio door open might be the energizing smell of peppermint oil or soothing whiff of lavender musk when you close your eyes in Savasana.

Some teachers release just enough of a scent at the end of class to let it settle in the air and indulge our senses while others treat students to a temple or head massage.

Whichever you experience, the scents from essential oils have the power to energize and uplift or calm and de-stress.

Try these simple tips to bring the essence of aromatherapy into your home:

  • Place a few drops of oil on your light bulbs when the bulb is cool and the scent will be released as the bulb warms.
  • Feel like you’re at a spa in your own shower when you squeeze some drops in the corners of your tub. As the bathroom steams up with the sweet smell fills the air.
  • Make your own signature scent by mixing a few drops of your favorite essential oil with pure water in a glass spray bottle. Spritz for an instant fix.


About the Author

Katie Librie

Past: cubicle hostage

Present: yogi, writer, observer, fitness fan, joy artist and educator at Lululemon

Inspiration: my mom and sister, trikonasana or any good juicy hip openers, seeing elderly couples holding hands, running in Central Park, being at the beach. So seeing elderly couples holding hands at Central Park or the beach is like inspiration overload.



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