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How to have tantric sex

What’s Hot by Liz Eustace

Curious about tantric sex? Aren’t we all? Blisstree share some great tips on how to start having tantric sex.

Tantric sex. Sting has it. Diane Keaton has it. That one guy has it with Stiffler’s mom in one installment of the American Pie franchise.

Get to know MC Yogi

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A rapping yogi? Sounds like a seriously zen combination. It’s time to get down, dog... I guess we’ll leave the yoga rapping to the professionals. MC Yogi, otherwise known as Nicholas Giacomini, creates homemade beats for the yoga tradition. He released his first album in 2008 with great success amongst the yoga community. MC Yogi is known for being a popular headliner at yoga events, like the Wanderlust Festival. In fact, we ran into MC Yogi at Wanderlust Vermont and got awesome video of him freestyling about alignyo.

Miracles Now from Gabrielle Bernstein

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We love two-hour yoga classes and long meditation sessions, but some days, it just ain’t happening. New York Times best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein's upcoming book is the answer for those days.

Michelle Obama adding yoga to her fitness routine

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Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States, is known for her staying fit and her healthy lifestyle. Mrs. Obama turned 50 on January 17, and she plans to cut down on the high-impact cardio and add more yoga to her fitness routine to help her stay flexible and healthy as she gets older. “So that I’m not falling and breaking a hip one day,” she told People in an interview.

Watch this hilarious yoga video

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Unfortunately, we can’t say we’ve never been in a situation like this. SRSLY captures the essence of what it can feel like when you’re in a studio full of inconsiderate yogis. Take a few minutes to watch this funny yoga video.

YOGA from SRSLY. on Vimeo.

Gisele Bundchen does yoga with baby girl Vivian

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How stinkin’ cute is this picture of supermodel Gisele Bundchen doing yoga with her baby girl Vivian? We love that Gisele seems to constantly make time for yoga, over summer, she posted this pic of her mat time with Vivian. What a great way to multitask and instill healthy habits at an early age.

You've never seen a yoga anatomy lesson like this

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What do you get when a yogini puts on these Black Milk Muscle Leggings and does yoga? One of the coolest yoga anatomy lessons we’ve ever seen. Watch the video of Bethania Bacigalupe below and you’ll have a new appreciation of how your muscles work while you practice.

Adam Levine: People's Sexiest Man Alive loves yoga

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We couldn’t resist sharing this news. Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5, host of The Voice and yoga lover was just named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. What does Adam credit for helping him stay hot and healthy even with his crazy busy schedule? Yoga.

Would you do yoga with whales?

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The Vancouver Aquarium recently partnered with lululemon to offer Yoga with the Beluga Whales, a 60-minute hatha yoga class inside the aquarium’s Canada’s Arctic Gallery. The class, led by Celeste Lyon and your alignment is overseen by the Vancouver Aquarium’s two beluga whales, Qila and Aurora.

Gaiam acquires My Yoga Online

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There’s a lot happening in the world of online yoga classes. First, there was that whole YogaGlo patent that revealed how competitive the world of streaming yoga classes could be. Now, Gaiam has acquired My Yoga Online.