What is the Yoga Alliance?

alignyo yoga news: What is the Yoga Alliance and why is it important to yoga?
The new Yoga Alliance logo

Perhaps you've noticed the letters "RYT" after your favorite yoga teacher's name. This shows that he or she is a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance. But what exactly is the Yoga Alliance and what does this "alliance" entail? 

The Yoga Alliance is an organization that was formed to ensure that yoga teacher training programs are safe and uniform. It’s also an online directory in which those who have recently completed yoga teacher training at one of the Alliance's approved schools can register to gain more credibility. 

As yoga grows, so does the number of yoga teachers; registering with  the Yoga Alliance allows yoga studios owners to ensure that your training meets a certain set of standards and therefore increases your chances of getting hired to teach. Once you have completed a yoga teacher training program and successfully registered with YA, you are able to place "RYT" or "registered yoga teacher" after your name, which also allows students to trust that they will receive quality instruction from a properly-trained teacher.   

Although over 37,000 teachers are already registered with them, Yoga Alliance has been making changes to further grow their community. First, the Yoga Alliance made headlines when they stepped in to say they did not support YogaGlo’s decision to try and patent how it films its online yoga classes (this, as YogaDork points out, is a big deal because YA hasn’t been known to take public stands on controversial yoga issues before). The Yoga Alliance then announced it would be making changing to its programs, in particular how it approves teacher trainings. We think this is a wise choice since yoga teacher training programs are popping up everywhere. We need an organization like YA to make sure studios are giving prospective teachers the knowledge and skills necessary to lead safe yoga classes. 

Yoga Alliance recently announced that they will begin to offer more perks to those who register beyond credibility, such as discounts on certain yoga products and services. The YA is also out to create an online community where you can learn more about teacher trainings in your area, rate a training and stay up-to-date on important issues in the yoga world. 

What do you think of the Yoga Alliance and its recent changes?


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