What is kundalini yoga?

What is kundalini yoga? Alignyo explains kundalini yoga.
Curious about kundalini? Find out more about it below.

You may have heard of your favorite celebrity practicing kundalini yoga or perhaps seen a yogi dressed in all white, wearing a white turban and wondered what was up with that. If you’re not familiar with its ancient roots, kundalini yoga may seem odd, but it’s actually one of the most spiritually empowering forms of yoga practiced in the West. Find out more about kundalini yoga below. 

What is it?

Though it has ancient roots, kundalini yoga was brought to the United States in 1969 by Yogi Bhajan. Kundalini is thought to free your energy that is coiled at the base of your spine (visualized as a serpent) and draw it up through your seven chakras. It uses breathing techniques, meditation, chanting, and physical sequences called kriyas to do so. Kriyas do not involve flowing through sun salutations but rather may include repeating certain movements (like lifting the arms up and down or doing hundreds of squats in a row). The goal of kundalini is to enhance consciouness and increase physical vitality.

Benefits of kundalini:

Above all, kundalini yoga awakens your awareness lying dormant within you. It helps to develop your intuition and allows you to reconnect with your truth inside. The breathing techniques and meditation in kundalini changes your thought patterns, allowing you to feel more positive and joyful in your daily life. 

How to spot it:

Kundalini yoga teachers usually wear white to reflect light and turbans to close off the crown chakra in order to harness their kundalini energy. 

Fans of kundalini:

Many celebrities practice kundalini yoga, including Russell Brand, Demi Moore and Miranda Kerr. Spiritual leader Gabrielle Bernstein has also become a major figure in kundalini yoga as she now works kundalini meditations into her own spiritual teachings.

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