Watch the Fat Jew lead a Bikram yoga class for the homeless in NYC Subway

Watch the Fat Jew lead Bikram Class on NYC Subway - alignyo yoga news
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The Fat Jew (yes, that’s what he calls himself) has been serving laughs on Twitter for years and recently made headlines for teaching a “SoulCycle” class to the homeless on docked Citibikes (NYC’s bike sharing program). Now he’s helping the homeless stay fit with free Bikram yoga classes on subway platforms. 

In this new video, which we spotted on MediaBistro, The Fat Jew teaches NYC Homeless Bikram Yoga on a scorching hot day in August.  

Okay, he’s technically not doing any Bikram poses in this video, but we’ll give him a pass considering it was 108 degrees in the Subway with 100% humidity (Bikram classes are 105 degrees and about 40% humidity).  

It’s so silly and absurd, you just have to watch it for yourself.


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