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alignyo shares NFL Films Presents: Yoga and Football
Former pro Football player Keith Mitchell talks about how yoga changed his life.
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Yoga is for everyone and everybody. Case in point: Former pro football player Keith Mitchell. Mitchell, who spent most of his career playing with the New Orleans Saints, turned to yoga after a spinal contusion ended his career. 

In this new short film, NFL Films Presents: Yoga and Football, Mitchell discusses how yoga changed his life. We’re inspired by Keith’s story of gratitude for the practice and we hope more men (and women!) are moved by his story to hit the mat. 

“An athlete feeds on doubt and sets goals fueled by fear… When the game is gone and gallons of sweat have been poured, everything that you thought you are and everything that you were told you are just vanishes. How do you recover from that? How do you discover a new identity when everything that mattered in your life has gone?” 

Watch the video here


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