Vintage exercise photos that will make you glad you're working out in 2013

alignyo shares 10 vintage exercise photos via Blisstree
Old school beach yoga?

Yoga studios everywhere, moisture-wicking fabrics and cool leggings, we’re pretty sure the present time is the best time to be an active yoga enthusiast. Don’t believe us? Check out these fun vintage workout photos we found on Blisstree and see if you still feel the same way.

We’ve got it pretty good these days in terms of exercise, I think. Not only do we have sweat-wicking fabric and sports bras, exercise science has come a long time in terms of figuring out exactly what we humans should do to stay strong and fit. Trends are always changing, of course; I bet that in 2040, people are going to think it’s insane that those of us living in the early part of the century took part in runs with pretend zombies chasing them. But I have to say the bloomer outfits, sauna belts and Spandex of earlier decades still makes me pretty glad I live in the time of UnderArmour, yoga, and exercise DVDs. Need more evidence? Look at these photos of exercisers and exercise products through the ages:

Vintage exercise photos 

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