Yoga Valentine's Day date ideas

Yoga inspired Valentine's Day date ideas
General by Liz Eustace

Valentine’s Day might be a holiday created by the greeting card industry, but that doesn’t mean you have to eschew it entirely or give that special someone in your life a generic box of chocolates to show how much you care. We’ve come up with some fun, playful ideas on how you can celebrate Valentine’s Day the yoga way—no cards, teddy bears or candy hearts needed.

Celebrate V-Day your way:


One of my most memorable (okay, the only memorable) Valentine’s Day dates I ever had was when I convinced my boyfriend to do a partner yoga workshop with me. We breathed and laughed together and felt great afterwards. Moving and sweating together is a great way to connect. Check the schedules of studio’s in your area for one of these types of workshops around Valentine’s Day:

Partner yoga

If your significant other thinks they aren’t flexible enough for yoga, a partner yoga class might be a great introduction. Partner yoga is a form of yoga where you give and receive support in yoga poses. It’s a great way to safely get deeper into a pose and connect with your partner, but it’s not sexual, so it’s also a great to do with a friend.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage or Thai Yoga Therapy, is a form of bodywork that involves deep stretching and massage. In an intro to Thai Massage workshop, you’ll learn to give and receive simple Thai Yoga Therapy stretches. These type of workshops tend to be much less active than partner yoga classes, but you’ll leave feeling relaxed and more limber.


If you and your significant other practice yoga regularly, try AcroYoga. AcroYoga is a combination of partner yoga, Thai massage and acrobatics. You and your sweetheart may not be able to do some of the feats featured on the AcroYoga photo page, but you’ll probably have a great time trying.

Can’t find a workshop near you? Do this great heart-opening flow video with your partner.


Avoid crowded restaurants and create your own mindful meal at home to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Skip the store-bought chocolates and instead make something special that plays to your yoga sensibilities. Pair your meal with an organic or biodynamic wine. For dessert, whip up a batch of these healthy chocolate cookies or make vegan pudding parfaits topped with chocolate pomegranate sauce.


Remember when if someone made you a mixed tape or burned a CD for you, it was a big deal? Bring back that old school feeling by making a special playlist for your Valentine. It can be full of songs that hold significance to you, that get you in the mood or that you think set the perfect vibe for the day. Play it during the commute to and from class or while you make dinner and sip on wine. Need some inspiration? Download Renewal, a yoga mixtape by DJ Derek Beres. 

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