Unique workouts to try in 2014

Unique workouts to try in 2014: alignyo
2014 is a great time to try hooping.
Photo: Hoopnotica

Looking for ways to stay fit besides yoga? Try one of these off-beat workouts in 2014, picked by our friends at Blisstree.

Spinning, barre workouts and yoga will have all been so overdone. The treadmill is a snooze and I’m sick of bootcamps. I’m bored! Aren’t you bored? There are a million weird ways to workout that don’t involve clip in shoes or downward facing dog. Moving and getting in shape can be a fun new experience, no need to drum out the old routine over and over again.

Let’s try something new:


It is a personal dream to be as bendy and freakish as all of those french-canadian circus people from Cirque du Soleil. Luckily contortionist training is an option, so maybe one day I’ll be able to fold myself up like a card table.


If one of your 2014 goals is to run away and join the circus with me, you should start with some aerial training. Meet you at the gym and then under the big top.

Hula Hooping

The fun activity from childhood is making a comeback and helping people get in shape! I had one friend quit smoking using her new found love for hula hooping. Who knew it was such a powerful tool? 

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