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alignyo review of MyBod Wellness private yoga skype session
Denise Posnak of MyBod Wellness
MYBodWellness online private yoga review
General by Maya Henderson

We’ve always been quite intimidated by the idea of doing private yoga sessions, whether it was for financial reasons or insecurities about our practice (we admit: we sometimes catch ourselves not activating our legs in downward dog), but we also hate missing our favorite yoga classes because of a hectic schedule. So when Denise Posnak of MyBod Wellness approached us about doing a private yoga session via Skype, we jumped at the chance.

Denise, a Pilates instructor and former dancer, started MyBod Wellness when she moved from Georgia to New York, but still had many clients who wanted to work with her. She began offering sessions by Skype, then recruiting amazing teachers she met throughout the years to offer private sessions. “If I could have my ideal wellness center, I’d have these people teach,” she says.

We don’t use Skype much, so we were nervous that when it was time to do a private session with MyBod Wellness teacher Nick, that our computer would suddenly blow up, but thankfully, after a few seconds of adjusting the screen so he could get a better look at my form, our practice began.

Since this was our first session together, Nick and I started by talking about some of my problem areas (hips and shoulders) and he asked me to share a bit of my fitness and yoga background (this is often done before your first appointment, so don’t worry, you won’t waste a precious second during your first session). 

From there, I moved on to the mat and followed Nick’s guidance as he led me through a series of sun salutations, lunges and twists. It was only 45 minutes, but I felt good, loose, limber and ready to take on the rest of the day.

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to follow along or that Nick wouldn’t be able to see me get into the pose, but sure enough, class time flew by and Nick even made adjustments that helped open up my Warrior II that I’ve never had in any yoga class. Denise said that teaching via Skype can really help a teacher zero in on certain areas of the body, which totally makes sense to us now. 

Best of all, I still had plenty of time to take the dog out, shower and make a healthy breakfast before work. 

Interested in sessions but on a tight budget? Through July 31, you can share your MyBod Wellness session at no additional charge. Get a group of friends together via Google+ hangout (no matter where they live) and split the cost of a 45-minute session for extremely affordable semi-private yoga sessions.

Contact Denise here and let her know what you’re looking for so she can set you up with the right teacher. 

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