Meet the Square by Clean Bottle

alignyo reviews Square by Clean Bottle water bottle
We love Square by Clean Bottle

Hydration is important to us (duh, we’re yogis), so we consider ourselves water bottle connoisseurs here at alignyo. In fact, we never leave home without a water bottle and over the years, have tried and tested almost every water bottle known to man.

So it’s a pretty big deal when we tell you that we love The Square by Clean Bottle.

The concept behind the bottle is something water drinkers on the go can surely relate to – the company founder opened his water bottle one day to find a gross, stinky pool of bacteria waiting for him. He knew there had to be a way to make a water bottle that was functional, easy to carry and also very easy to clean.

His answer to this problem: A water bottle that has a removable top and bottom, so you can easily get into every nook and cranny to clean it. The lid easily twists on and off, but seals shut so you’ll never have to worry about leaks. 

The Square is the latest design from Clean Bottle, which is much more hip and design-forward than the original Clean Bottle. We like the Square's smudge-resistant metallic finish and bright color choices for the removable top and bottom.

The minimal, sleek design of Square appeals to both men and women. Clean was kind enough to send us enough water bottles to share with our significant others and the guys loved them too. One pointed out that you could easily remove the bottom to add ice cubes (a must to cool off after hot yoga) and still, after weeks of use, is completely smitten.

At $45, The Square might be a bit more expensive than your average water bottle, but it’s not your average water bottle. From hiking adventures, to the yoga studio to spin class and back, the Square is a great bottle for busy, active people. Oh, and did we mention Clean Bottle donates 10% of profits to great charities?

Get a Square bottle here.


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