The NamaSTAY Yoga Towel

Review of the Namastay hot yoga towel
The NamaSTAY towel lets you safely take flight in yoga class.
Namastay towel review
NamaSTAY yoga towel
The NamaSTAY towel works for a variety of yoga styles.

A good yoga towel is a must for hot yoga. The last thing you want in a heated yoga class is to try to gracefully get into a pose then find yourself in an unintentional (and potentially dangerous) Hanumanasana. But not all towels are created equal. It’s gotta stay put and be ready to perform just as much as our beloved mat, which is why we’re into the NamaSTAY yoga towel

The NamaSTAY towel wraps around your mat, so it stays in place, regardless of if you’re sweating it out in a yoga sculpt class or doing an Ashtanga Mysore practice.  

We couldn’t wait to try out the NamaSTAY towel and after a week of yoga classes – everything from yoga with weights to a challenging heated power flow—we’re impressed with how well it stayed in place. The NamaSTAY towel did not budge, which is something we can’t say for any of the other yoga towels we’ve tried. 

The secret to the NamaSTAY towel is that it wraps at the top and bottom of your mat (you’ll need to know the size of your mat before you order one). You simply slide your mat inside the towel for a slip-free yoga experience. It’s a simple, but genius idea that will make your hot yoga practice a lot safer. 

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