Your place in the sun

Your place in the sun

Fly to Norway this summer to The Land of the Midnight Sun (the sun never sets – for reals – so bring an eye mask) for a yoga retreat with Leigh Evans that is sure to be awakening and unforgettable. Seven days (July 14-22) filled with meditation, chanting and deeply restorative poses offer something for everyone – whether it’s a much-needed getaway or a deep investigation into the heart of your practice.

Here's the skinny on Leigh's midnight sun yoga retreat:

Body rockin’

Leigh takes an anatomically fun focus of the body, using creative sequencing that challenges as it inspires. Students are encouraged to dive deep to uncover their inner bliss while investigating the proper alignment of each asana. Beginning with fundamentals early in the week, Leigh builds on each class, incorporating more advanced poses by the week’s end, so everyone – no matter their level – can benefit and bask in the joy of yoga.

Rise and shine

The Land of the Midnight Sun will no doubt alter your senses as the sun shines for 22 hours each day, but according to Leigh, that’s exactly the point. “Retreats offer us the tremendous opportunity to be removed from the habitual preoccupations and thoughts that accompany our daily lives,” says Leigh. “We’re suddenly in a different set of conditions, and it naturally wakes us up. We get to see everything with fresh eyes and hear everything with attentive ears. This creates a shift in our daily experience, like a clean lens through which we can see more clearly.”


The comfortable, stylishly furnished quarters the Tomrefjord Sea Cabins create a blissful atmosphere, and all meals are prepared for you. “In a retreat setting, all of our basic needs are handled, and we’re able to deeply relax into that support,” notes Leigh. “We are given the tremendous gifts of time and space, which we’re desperately missing in our hectic lives. We need this kind of space to really see and untangle the roots of our patterns. As our clarity awakens, wisdom emerges and freedom is possible."


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