The 5 best online yoga videos

alignyo shares the five best online yoga videos according to Blisstree.

When we saw this post on Blisstree highlighting what they call the five best online yoga workouts, we just had to share. We could definitely add to this list, but think they’re off to a good start. Do you agree with their picks?

The best online yoga videos according to Blisstree:

1) Yoga For Weight Loss- with Yoga With Adriene. The darling Adriene gets right to the 40 minute workout. She is not fucking around. This routine means business.

2) 20 Minute Relaxation Yoga- with Colleen Saidman on Plum TV. This video, shot on the beach, is so relaxing that it’s almost a parody of itself. Prepare to be soothed.

3) 15 Minute Yoga for Energy- with Tara Stiles on 3V. This energizing routine is no frills and exactly what I need some mornings.

See the remaining picks here.


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