Get to know Halle Becker, creator of Homegirl Yoga


What could be more NYC fitness than teaching awesome yoga classes and at Soul Cycle? Our homegirl Halle Becker does both, and is known for her inspiring cycling classes as well as her signature class, Homegirl Yoga. She knows how New Yorkers like to sweat, but don’t get it twisted—this is one fierce yogini who has a passion for the practice that goes well beyond just looking good in spandex.

Calming essential oils for peace of mind

Teachers by Charlynn Avery

Aura Cacia aromatherapist Charlynn Avery explains how to use aromatherapy and essential oils to help you calm down and let go.

It seems that lately that the phrase “Letting Go” is appearing everywhere. While it's an easy thing to say, it's not so easy to do. Life can be overwhelming, making it hard to disconnect, relax and let go. And we find ourselves hanging on to things that are potentially disruptive – negative emotions, stress, worry, etc. We're left feeling out of balance and out of touch.

Golden Bridge Santa Monica welcomes new teachers Brittny McCarthy and Adam Schomer

Teachers by Molly Nourmand

Over the weekend, Golden Bridge Yoga announced that it is welcoming Brittny McCarthy and Adam Schomer to their teaching schedule at their Santa Monica location. (We couldn’t help but notice that they’re both redheads.) Brittny and Adam will be teaching Sattva (pronounced satt - wa) Yoga. What’s that, you ask?

Hala Khouri's Radiant Pregnancy DVD


Yoga teacher and somatic counselor Hala Khouri’s new Radiant Pregnancy DVD offers a unique yoga practice for every trimester. Prenatal yoga is a great way for mom and baby to stay healthy during pregnancy. Radiant Pregnancy offers a physical yoga practice and integrates mind-body psychology to nourish the body and the mind as your body.

HIlaria Thomas Baldwin in Central Park

Teachers by Allison Richard

We spotted Hilaria Thomas Baldwin in Central Park Saturday morning teaching two free yoga classes at the Fitness Magazine 11th Annual Mind, Body and Fitness festival. If you missed her at the festival you can check out her classes Tuesday thru Thursday at Yoga Vida.