Yoga to relieve stress

Yoga to relieve stress
Yoga to relieve stress
Hot off the mat by Liz Eustace

Yoga to relieve stress in any situation

Because whether you’re stressed about finishing your taxes, school, love or money... these yoga-inspired ways to chill out will help you make it through the day and get you into a restful sleep this evening.

Yoga to relieve stress

Do this now

If your co-workers are driving you crazy or your accountant isn’t responding to your panicked last-minute emails, take a deep breathe and try these stress relieving yoga exercises from alignyo contributor Jessica Bellofatto. All you need is a few minutes to yourself to do these breathing exercises and yoga poses to calm down and quiet the mind.

Stomach soother

If you tend to get an upset stomach when you get stressed out, try taking a few probiotics. New research shows that probiotics help reduce inflammation in the gut (stress really wreaks havoc on your gastrointestinal system), easing stomachaches and tummy trouble.

5 minutes of mat time

Before you go to bed tonight, make sure you get in some mat time. We like this yoga routine for stress relief from Tara Stiles to end a tough day on a positive note. As Tara notes in the video, “Stress doesn’t just leave us. It stays stored in our physical and emotional bodies until we let it go.” So let this 5-minute yoga video help you release stress and tension so you can start tomorrow refreshed and renewed.

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