Tara Stiles is bringing Strala Yoga to Sports Club/LA

alignyo yoga lifestyle news: Tara Stiles brings Strala Yoga to Sports Club/LA
Is Strala Yoga coming to your city?
Photo: Reebok
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Tara Stiles opened Strala Yoga in NYC in 2008. Since then, Tara has blossomed into one of today's biggest yogalebrities, writing books on yoga, starring in yoga DVDs, and becoming the face of Reebok's first yoga line.  

Now the yoga Tara has been teaching at Strala will expand beyond the Big Apple into Sports Club/LA fitness centers stretching from Boston to San Francisco. Over the next few months, Tara will visit Sports Club/LA locations to instruct teachers on how to spread her style of yoga, and Strala Yoga classes are set to appear on Sports Club/LA schedules by February 2014. 

New York yogis, are you a fan of Strala? Are you sad to see it become more commercial or are you happy it is spreading beyond Noho? Let us know how you feel in the comment section below. 


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