The best yoga pants

Style by Liz Eustace

The best yoga pants!

We tend to stick with basic black yoga pants, but couldn’t resist the wild prints, bright colors and cool fabrics of the best yoga pants. Breathe new life into your yoga wardrobe with a pair of these bright and colorful yoga pants.

Check out three of the best yoga pants out there. 

3 ways to get into Pigeon Pose


Pigeon pose is a yoga posture you either love or hate. If your hips are rather open, you may find this pose extremely enjoyable. But if you're tight in your hips, pigeon pose can make you cringe. Here are 3 ways to get into pigeon pose comfortably. 

Don't be afraid to take supine variation. 

Affirmats, yoga mats that inspire

Style by Blair Atkins

If you practice yoga daily, the time you spend on your mat starts to add up, so you might as well do yoga on an inspiring surface since you'll be looking at it frequently.  

The Nike Studio Wrap

Style by Maya Henderson

At the beginning of 2013, we told you that Nike was unveiling a shoe that might just revolutionize the way people practice yoga: the Nike Studio Wrap.

A hair mask for the hot yogi

Style by Katie Librie

While we know sweating is great for the body, it’s not so good for the hair. If you’ve noticed your locks are dry and brittle, try a quick at home hair mask to get the shine, luster and volume back big time.

Mix one rip avocado with two tablespoons of almond oil. Apply to damp hair and leave on for 20 minutes (you may want to put hair in a shower cap to avoid making a big mess), then rinse, shampoo and style.

This treatment can be done once a week to boost shine and hydration. 

A fashionABLE cause

Style by Amy Gartenberg

A cute scarf is a must for chilly fall days, so why not warm up while warming the lives of others? FashionABLE is a nonprofit organization that produces beautiful handmade Ethiopian scarves. The Ethiopian women that create the scarves use this opportunity to overcome sexual exploitation. The profits from their scarves are sent back to them and help them create better lives for themselves and their families. What’s even better?

Do Restorative Yoga: Less Stress, More Flex

Style by Katie Librie

If you think restorative yoga is just for your grandmother, think again.

Even the most advanced yogis will reap the benefits from a restorative class. In restorative yoga we are given the chance to, literally, catch our breath and let our bodies reset to a more balanced state. Through its extensive use of props like blocks, bolsters, straps, the wall and blankets the body is fully supported and at ease holding poses for an extended length of time. This allows the body to de-stress while increasing flexibility.

(Y)into It

Style by Katie Librie

Yin Yoga is the quiet hero, the nice guy, the comfortable shoe your mother said to pack on vacation even though you didn’t want to. In other words, it’s exactly what you need when you didn’t even know you needed it. 

With the assistance of bolsters, blankets and blocks Yin Yoga allows your body to move deeply into poses to increase your flexibility. But what is even more satisfying about Yin Yoga is the release – slow even breathing, focused intentions and letting go over and over again.

Good-bye tight hip flexors and hello refreshed and relaxed you. 

Head, shoulders, knees, and flow!

Style by Amy Hellman

While us adults absorb the countless benefits of yoga, awareness is sprouting up all over the country for our future: yes, that's right, yogis and yoginis, our children! Yoga centers for children of all ages are blossoming, giving new flexi-meaning to the term ‘playdate,’ as the fluid whole-body movements of yoga help children with: gross motor skills, balance, flexibility, focus, and cultivating attention and compassion.