Steps to attracting what you want in 2013

Take time to think about what you really want.
General by April Martucci

As we enter into the New Year, first examine what you’ve already attracted through your own thoughts; we create our own reality after all. Keep what you want, practice letting go of what you don’t, and then imagine the future exactly how you want it.

In the beginning of 2103, the real work is to decide what you specifically want, and then stay focused upon it.

  1. Take out the weeds – Are the people in your life adding to the garden like beautiful flowers, inspiring and supporting you? Or are there a lot of weeds that are just there taking up space but not elevating or encouraging you to become a better person? Going forward, nurture the relationships that nurture you. 
  1. Create a Vision Board – Take time to think about what you really want: You. Not what your parent’s want for you, or what you think you should want. Cut out images from magazines or print images - ones that inspire and uplift you, ones that are in alignment with your desires. Place them on a bulletin board or put on your fridge. The images will get into your subconscious helping you to  manifest them. The positive feeling you have when you look upon them tells the Universe, "I want this!"
  1. Notice what you talk about – Are you always talking about your lack of things/boyfriend/girlfriends/career?  Stop doing that! You are telling the Universe that you want more of that! Instead, speak of that which you want. You must be vigilant about choosing wisely what comes out of your mouth, and if someone adds negativity to your positivity, redirect the conversation, or move on!

About the Author

April Martucci

April Martucci is a New Yorker with a singular understanding of movement and the connection between mind and body.  Prior to becoming a full-time yogini, she danced with the Joffrey Ballet School, Eglevsky Ballet, and at the Martha Graham School.  April graduated from the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy, whose programming is known for its emphasis on anatomy and physiology.  She incorporates her experience from the Institute in her unique form of yoga and bodywork.  Her signature style involves technical aspects of anatomy combined with a thoughtful philosophical approach, making the practice fully integrated: mind, body, and spirit.  April has taught a wide range of students from A-list celebrities to toddlers, artists, and high-profile professionals, including Harvey Keitel, Jessica Seinfeld, Mariel Hemingway, Lourdes Leon, Elizabeth Vargas, and Bethenny Frankel.


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