Spreading positivity - one hug at a time

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Hug someone - it will make your day.
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Have you ever had someone give you a hug when you were having a terrible day? Chances are it completely changed how you were feeling. In his new show, Yeah Dave shows that a one-minute hug can have an immediate and positive impact on your relationships and on your own wellbeing. “There are 1,440 minutes each day,” he says. “Do you dedicate at least one to love?” 

Dave "Yeah Dave" Romanelli, yogi, author, and international speaker, inspires people to improve their lives by teaching them how to live in the moment. In Dave's second episode on his new show on ulive, he shows us how taking one minute out of our day to hug someone we love - or a total stranger - can boost the mood of not only those we hug but ourselves as well. 

We at alignyo couldn't think of a better way to live your yoga off the mat than by showing others you care.  

Check out Dave's video here, then go hug someone! 


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